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  • Liner Notes: Carli Muñoz Live at Carli's Vol. 1

    Live at Carli's Vol. 1 (Released in 2004)

    Carli Muñoz on piano
    Lucille Dixon on bass
    Gonzalo (Gunchi) Sifre on drums
    & featuring :
    Eddie Gomez on bass on tracks 1, 5, & 9.

    CARLI MUNOZ TRIO Live at Carli's VOL.1

    1. April in Paris/I Love Paris (Vernon Duke, Harburg / Cole porter)
    2. Blues in F (Carli Muñoz, Lucille Dixon, Gonzalo Sifre)
    3. Satin Doll (Billi Strayhorn, Johny Mercer, and Duke Ellington)
    4. Ain't Misbehaving 1 (Fats Waller)
    5. Ain't Misbehaving 2 (Fats Waller )
    6. Bye Bye Blackbird (Ray Henderson )
    7. Cool Walk (Oscar Peterson)
    8. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern )
    9. Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker)

    For many decades now, my name has been associated with music.

    My passion for music from an early age led to a lifetime of career achievements that covered a wide spectrum of experiences; from my first garage combo with the kids in the neighborhood, to joining Wilson pickett and later on The Beach Boys, to performing and recording with jazz giants such as Charles Lloyd, Chico Hamilton and George benson among others, and in the last decade, owning my own jazz club/restaurant Carli Café Concierto, in old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Although the restaurant business is associated with enormous amounts of work, I have, thanks to my wife Katira an a great staff, managed to continue to evolve in my music career as a jazz pianist and composer, performing almost nightly and realizing recording projects of the highest caliber, at the same time keeping the standards of Carli Café Concierto to that of a world class dining and jazz experience.

    This is the first volume of a long promised Live at Carli's recording series. It proudly features and it is dedicated to the octogenarian double bassist Lucille Dizon, along with the generous guest appearance of master bassist Eddie Gomez on some of the selections.

    Live at Carli's VOL.1

    FEATURING LUCILLE DIXON & SPECIAL GUEST EDDIE GOMEZ The trio: Carli Muñoz: Piano / Lucille Dixon: Bass
    Gonzalo (Gunchi) Sifre: Drums. Plus Eddie Gomez: Bass on tracks 1, 5, & 9.
    Special thanks to Eddie Gomez for his generous spirit of friendship and solidarity; to Shep Shepperd and Lucille's wonderful family for their nconditional love and support; and to all the loyal friends that have gone out their way to be there for her. God bless all.

    When I first opened the doors at Carli Café Concierto in December of 1998, the slogan that came to mind to accompany my new adventure was: ‘ una historia de amor a punto de comenzar' , which translates to: ‘ a love tale about to begin'. Little I imagined how well the curious slogan would apply along the course of the journey! Lucille is certainly one of those love tales in full swing; she has been a beacon of joy, love and inspiration for me and for all of those that have been fortunate enough to get to know her. Today she fights an uphill battle for cancer but I've still seen her spirit as bright as ever. Her playing is magnificent as she carries the history, lost traditions, the glory and the scars of a disappearing era, which Lucille not only survived but pushed the envelope to new unprecedented heights.

    All of the tracks here were recorded post Lucille's 80th birthday. Her struggle is evident when she tries to solo as she courageously takes her chances; revealing the fact that the era that she represents, bass solos were the exception and not the rule, like it is today. However, she holds her own... her swing, her seasoned walking and knowledgeable execution - along with Eddie Gomez creative support and masterful improvisation - all more than to make up for it!

    The premise on this first issue is not so much a tour de force; but a musical offering – a fun and “feel good” experience. Sometimes you can literally hear Lucille's contagious laugh or a sudden burst of excitement during the middle of a song. But her joy, her sense of humor, her aura of kindness, pours it all into a joyful and soulful musical experience.

    Lucille Dixon was born in Harlem , New York , in the year 1923, and excelled in a musical career of great achievements and noble contributions. She organized and led her own jazz band, which remained active for 14 years. The “Lucille Dixon's Band”, was composed of prominent jazz giants of the times such as Taft Jordan, Tyree Glen, Fats Navarro, Buddy Tate, Sonny Payne and many others who spiced the decades of the 40's and the 50's at the hot jazz spots of the times in the city of New York, such as the Savannah Club, Club 845 and Club Harlem.

    Her participation in recordings and live presentations includes some of most notable artist in the history of jazz. The roster includes: Ella Fitzgerald, Eubie Blake, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Johny Hartman, Earl (Fatha) Hines, Billy Daniels, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and Tiny Grines, among other well known Latino artist such as, Charlie Palmieri, Daniel Santos, Machito and Vicentico Valdez.

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