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  • Liner Notes: Carli Muñoz Live at Carli's Vol. 2

    Live at Carli's VOL. 2
    (released in 2007)
    (Inside panel)
    The Trio: Carli Muñoz on piano, Gabriel Rodriguez on bass, Gonzalo Sifre on drums WITH PEDRO PEREZ: BASS ON TRACK 10
    Although my most recent releases have been graced by jazz luminaries such as Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette and Joe Chambers, Lucille Dixon and Jack DeJohnette among others, this second volume of Live at Carli's, recorded with relatively unknown local players, doesn't leave much to be desired.
    Part of what constitutes the magic of this trio with local and relatively unknown players could be mainly attributed to three things; we've been playing together for nearly six years, we have never rehearsed, and we never have a plan for what we are going to play once we are on stage until we play it (we could add that we have never used a fake book or any other source of material other than an occasional “chicken scratch chord chart). Other elements raising the ante are simply obvious such as individual talent, musicianship, etc.
    The double bassist on tracks 1-9 Gabriel Rodriguez, joined the trio in the year 2001 when he was sent as a substitute to cover for another young and talented bassist Ricky Rodriguez, who had been playing with the trio for some time. Gabriel's talent, although still not fully developed at the time, was evident to me. From the beginning he displayed what I value most on a bassist for trio work: a great ear for listening and fearless spontaneity.
    On the other hand, drummer Gonzalo Sifre, who had been playing with me for a longer time, was more reserved than what I had previously been accustomed to in a drummer. This actually turned out to be a blessing. Over the years many great drummers have sat in to play with me on different occasions and the intensity and level of playing have often raised -- and even burst the barometer, but Gozalo's “less is more” and understated melodic approach has prevailed.
    I am proud of this recording: The level of communion, pure spontaneity and sheer beauty can be probably most appreciated on the second track and ninth track—“In the wee small hours of the morning” and “Portrait of Mia” – but that is just my personal opinion. In all, I love this trio work: it was a long due release and it reveals the passion for making music that truly represents the magic of the
    Pianist Carli Muñoz has collaborated with some of the major figures in the jazz and rock history. His impressive résumé includes concerts and/or recordings with a wide variety of jazz giants, such as Charles Lloyd , Chico Hamilton, Les McCann , Wayne Henderson and George Benson. And under his leadership: Putter Smith , Paul Chambers , Lenny White, Chris Potter, Eddie Gomez , Jack DeJohnette , Don Byron , David Sanchez , Lucille Dixon and Jeremy Steig .
    Carli's substantial contribution to rock includes concert and/or recordings and collaboration with Wilson Pickett , The Association , Jimmy Haskell, Jan and Dean , Peter Cetera , Blondie Chaplin , Evie Sands, Henry Gross and eleven years with The Beach Boys . Carli's fourth solo album Maverick marks his pinnacle in the mainstream jazz arena with an all star cast including two Grammy Award recipients for 2005, and was mentioned among the best CD's of 2006 by Downbeat Magazine ; January 2007 issue.
    (back panel)
    This is volume two of the Live at Carli's recording series. It features the original trio that has kept the pulse of jazz going throughout the years making Carli Café Concierto the unique world class jazz listening experience it is today. Although Carli's previous release Maverick marked the piece de resistance of his career in the main stream jazz arena, this new release brings light into its roots, revealing a quality of performance never before exposed on his previous recordings. As his companion and constant listener for many years, I am proud of the level of achievement in this production and I hope that you too will like and enjoy it as much as I do. --KATIRA
    For many decades now, my name has been associated with music . My passion for music from an early age led to a lifetime of career achievements that covered a wide spectrum of experiences; from my first garage combo with the kids in the neighborhood, to joining Wilson Pickett and later The Beach Boys, to performing and recording with jazz giants such as Charles Lloyd, Chico Hamilton and George Benson among many others, and in the last decade, owning my own jazz club/restaurant Carli Café Concierto, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Although the restaurant business is associated with enormous amounts of work, I have, thanks to my wife Katira, a great staff and your continuous support, managed to continue to evolve in my music career as a jazz pianist and composer, performing almost nightly and realizing recording projects of the highest caliber, at the same time keeping the standards of Carl's to that of a world class fine dining and live jazz experience. This new recording should bring the live jazz listening experience to new heights. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music . -- CARLI