Live Vol. 3

Live Vol. 3
  1. Acquittal

  2. Kenguen 0:00

  3. Tere

  4. Yellow Moon Tune

  5. Anastasia

  6. Yes, I Love You

  7. Besame Mucho

  8. So In Love

  9. Wangari Maathai 0:00

Carli & Felipe Art of the Duo

Live at Carli’s VOL. 3

The Duo: Carli Muñoz on piano and Felipe Fournier on cajón and partial drum set.

With guest Guillermo (Memo) Barrón also on cajón and light percussion on tracks 6, 9 and 10.

This is volume three of the Live at Carli’s recording series. In the spirit of adventure, seizing the moment and sheer bravado, the ensemble on this recording consists of only piano and percussion. This unusual format in jazz is the result of an accident: the bass player didn’t show up. Little did we know that the result would be so wonderful – yes, full of wonder, magic, spontaneity and discovery. One of the attitudes that prevailed to make the duo successful was to not to try replacing the bass, but instead to expand on the dynamic nature in both the instruments and the playing therefore maximizing the performance. The end result is a fun, dynamic and liberating session – a special treat for us and hopefully to you as well. Enjoy!  --Carli

For many decades now, my name has been associated with music. My passion for music from an early age led to a lifetime of career achievements that covered a wide spectrum of experiences; from my first garage combo with the kids in the neighborhood, to joining Wilson Pickett and later on The Beach Boys, to performing and recording with jazz giants such as Charles Lloyd, Chico Hamilton and George Benson among many others, and in the last decade, owning my own jazz club/restaurant Carli’s, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Although the restaurant business is associated with enormous amounts of work, I have, thanks to my wife Katira, a great staff and your continuous support, managed to continue to evolve in my music career as a jazz pianist and composer, performing almost nightly and realizing recording projects of the highest caliber, at the same time keeping the standards of Carli’s to that of a world class fine dining and live jazz experience. This new recording should bring the live jazz listening experience to new heights. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music. – Carli

Many thanks to our guests at Carli’s who, throughout the years, have shared many special moments with us; and especially to those familiar faces (you know who you are) who have become our friends. God bless you all.

When I started thinking about releasing the next Live at Carli’s Vol. 3 cd, the thought that kept creeping in my mind was how unlikely it would be in general terms to make a great jazz record limited to piano and percussion without bass, unrehearsed and recorded live direct to two tracks and with an audience on the most part dining and conversing. 

As it turned out, this unusual format turned out blessing. I couldn’t begin to recount the moments of joy and satisfaction that I experienced throughout this magical journey since I started playing duo with Felipe Fournier! Apparently it’s been contagious as well; at least as performed live nightly at Carli’s bistro. I only hope that the magic has been faithfully transmitted to you here on volume three of the Live at Carli’s recording series. 

If a picture can tell 1,000 words, so can music, in addition to countless emotions and sensations. Therefore there isn’t much more that I can say about Felipe Fournier than what you’ll be listening to on this work. However, there is a lot more to Felipe as a musician and as a human being; not enough good can be said about the former. Perhaps the musicality present on his percussion work has root in the fact that he is also an accomplished jazz vibraphonist.  But in all fairness it is his innate talent, his ability to listen and his sensible approach in engaging in the musical conversation that makes it all work as well as it does. A theme that both Felipe and I have shared in common and that has been present through our association is that “less is more” - that has certainly played a roll in the attitude while performing this music. I must also mention another young talent, Guillermo (Memo) Barrón, who shares many of the same great qualities as Felipe and is also certainly a joy to play with. One of his crisp and powerful solos can be specially appreciated on track 10, Wangari Maathai.

From Acquittal to Yes, I Love You, the obvious focus has been in some of my original songs. Among those, Kenguen is a piece that has been mutating like a chameleon for years and this is its first release.

Besame Mucho and So In Love are some of my favorite standards and here they take a totally new vibe. Last but not least Wangari Maathai – honors the Nobel Price African woman (hence the name) and is one song that I look forward to see evolve in multiple ensemble formats. Thank you very much for listening.

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Produced and recorded by Carli Muñoz. Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain

Sleeve Design by Garrick Gott. Photography by Zachary L. Powers

Recorded live at Carli’s Fine Bistro & Piano, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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